Sunday, 5 September 2010

Listen Up! - Lamb of God - Wrath

Listen Up!

Wrath Album by Lamb of God

1. The Passing
Nice way to start the album. Pretty chilled, bit of a progression sounding like Jaws. Epic intro to the album, just instrumental.

2. In Your Words
Powerful introduction accompanied by a bad ass scream. I guess I could say this is one of their slower-paced songs on the album. For Lamb of God, it is quite easy to listen to, without getting pumped up etc. Not the greatest on the album, but it is definitely still good, easy to get into.

3. Set To Fail
Easily one of the best on the album. Amazing intro and then a bad ass drop. Then kicks in the memorable tune, which you'll find yourself humming or drumming along to. Definitely one of my favourite tracks on the album. Everything flows so well. Epic is the only word to describe this.

4. Contractor
Fast-paced and dives straight into the lyrics. Slows down with an awesome riff, then gets back into it. Fast is definitely the motive behind this track.

5. Fake Messiah
Starts with a low quality riff, then kicks in afer a small stop. Seems slower than Contractor. Different to what we've heard so far. Got nothing on the next track.

6. Grace
My favourite track. Probably my favourite Lamb of God song as well. Starts with a soft intro, lulling you into a false sense of security, then blasts you with awesome. Yes, just pure awesome for the next 3 and a half minutes. I don't even have to write about this song, just listen to it. If you read this "review" and hate it or don't even know Lamb of God, or whatever. Just check this shit out. Epic.

7. Broken Hands
BLOOD OF ALL YOU HAD TO LOSE! Very powerful. Pumps you up from the beginning, then an epic riff. Good tune throughout. Definitely one of the better tracks on the album. Awesome Drum and Guitar work, which comes with pretty much every track.

8. Dead Seeds
Memorable riff once again. Another great song just because it's a really familiar one when you listen. Very fast and you can help but go with it. Another really great track from this album.

9. Everything to Nothing
Great introduction. Again, another track with a memorable beat, etc. Very easy to drum along with and remember. You will also be screaming witht he chorus. EVERYTHINNNGGG YOU EVER WAANNTTTEEDDD.

10. Choke Sermon
Not too bad. Not a favourite of mine, but you can't fault it really.

11. Reclamation
I actually haven't listened to Reclamation that much, so I'm not too familiar with it. Very slow for Lamb of God and seems to be trying to be similar to Grace. Not as good though.

12. We Die Alone (Bonus)
Great start. I'm a fan of this bonus track, just because it's a little different. Slower and resembles a more Metalcore band, rather than Heavy/Death Metal.

13. Shoulder Of Your God (Bonus)
Not a bad one. Not the best on the album. But good, nonetheless.

Overall, great album. Some tracks are spectacular. Especially Grace and Set to Fail. An aquired taste is needed for Lamb of God. But if you like Metal and fancy something a bit heavier, give them a go.

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